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TV Moms Remix Shirt

TV Moms Remix Shirt

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If you're a fan of popular black TV shows and the strong women who lead them, you'll love this collection of black television moms t-shirt--now updated to include even more black mothers. The soft cotton material ensures a comfortable fit and feel, while the single colored design highlights the iconic faces of our favorite TV mamas. This original design, created by me, serves as a tribute to the strength and wisdom of black mothers everywhere. Not only is it an homage to black women in film and television, but it's also a nod to the many sacrifices and contributions of black moms in general. The updated tee now features the many faces requested by The Trini Gee customers over the years.

Made from 100% cotton, this t-shirt is available in multiple sizes and colors. The retail fit and durable side seams ensure that you'll be able to wear it for years to come. Check the included measurement chart for more details. This shirt makes an excellent gift for yourself or any other black mother in your life. We do not provide a list of actresses, characters, or shows for this design, allowing customers to customize and edit the design as they see fit, for a small fee.

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