Products Infused with Melanin and Culture

The Trini Gee is a collection of African American gifts that celebrate the multiple layers of black culture and identity.

From yogis to foodiesshoppers and coffee lovers, we want black women to feel like queens when they see their beauty represented in our gifts for African American women. Fashion is our first line of communication, and a sweatshirttote bag, or duffel bag can be a platform for self-expression. The Trini Gee's purpose transcends the product and offers black culture gifts that represent beautiful black bodies dominating life in all spheres. The collection shines a light on the compelling beauty and strength of women of color, and an empowering message of inclusivity and individualism enriches each gift.

You can't become what you never accurately see, so The Trini Gee mission is to better represent people of color in positions of power and everyday life! The Trini Gee is a world for black ballerinas and afros on aprons, where socks make a statement, and young girls know that the female superhero they admire is black. Bolster your wardrobe and enrich your home by shopping The Trini Gee's selection of African American and black culture gifts.



A Soulful Connection to Culture

The Trini Gee wants young African Americans to know that they are the superhero and not the sidekick. In each of our African American gifts, our customers will see their melanin infused beauty, strength, and power. The Trini Gee store is crafting a world for ballerinas in every beautiful shade of brown, and the dances are letting their 'fro grow and their skin glow. It is a world where students and writers can journal their thoughts confidently and unapologetically, knowing that black minds matter. The Trini Gee black culture gifts highlight icons, such as our black women writers mug, and sends a message to say that our destiny is in our hands (and on our favorite shirt). In a world of white noise, we need to hear a little more of women's voices and see a lot more black girl magic.

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Products with a Purpose

Our African American gifts consist of tote bags, t-shirts, mugs, and so much more -- the 'more' being a message of empowerment, black girl magic, and personal customer service. The Trini Gee values every customer who shares our vision, and loyal shoppers may even receive special black culture gifts when they order. Everyone deserves to receive a gift that reflects their image and interests, which is why we offer free shipping as well as international shipping a a small surcharge. Please find out more on our FAQ page.

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When the product is so personal, the reviews reflect the quality as much as the philosophy. The Trini Gee is all about trust and authenticity, so while our design speaks for itself; we want to hear what you have to say! Don't be shy, leave a review if you've bought from here before.