About The Trini Gee

Trini of The Trini Gee
Welcome to The Trini Gee! I am a black woman-owned business that's all about empowerment, creativity, and showcasing our culture. My journey started in November 2017 with just a few black history mugs and limited sales, but with the support of our community, friends, and loyal customers like you, we have continued to grow and expand our offerings. Our designs are inspired by our love for black art, culture, history and the people. We believe that representation matters, and that's why we strive to create and curate designs that highlight our diverse interests, passions, and community pride. We are excited to continue this creative journey with you and are grateful for your support. Let's keep celebrating our culture and uplifting one another! In the meantime, have questions that aren't answered in the FAQ section? Contact me.