About The Trini Gee

In November 2017, I began The Trini Gee in order to practice my Adobe and creative design skills. I created every bit of this website, from the logo to the mockups. My background is in education, but I'm a book lover, fiction writer, mother, and wife too. As a matter of fact, much of what you see is created before sunrise or with a toddler in my lap.

The product designs featured on this website were created/curated with love and they showcase my diverse interests and pride. I imagine if I feel this passionately about certain things, then there must be others out there like me.

To see a better reflection of what's going on in my head, take a moment to view Black Girl Lost in a Book, my decade old literary blog.

In the meantime, keep in mind that all Trini Gee designs can be customized/personalized upon request. Yes, I can even create something new just for you. Send a message with your inquiry!

Until then,