Black Women Workout Duffel Bag

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This duffel bag features black women in workout mode. Posed with weights and doing upper body moves, these ladies are also rocking their natural hair to get to fit. The design appears on all over the bag and is available in 2 sizes. Choose from the color shown or select your own at no additional charge. With this health conscious bag you'll be ready for the gym, errands, or whatever your plans. Personalization comes at a small fee, but you can add or change whatever you decide.

In this day and age of rising checked bags cost, it's noted that this bag will fit into most carry-on bins without issue. Sized at 19x9.5x9.5 (small) and 23x12x12 (large), it should pass carry-on tests if packed right! Carry it in your hands or shoulders--with included shoulder padding for those long journeys. Made of a soft nylon material with black removable and adjustable 1.5" wide straps, this oxford canvas is also tear resistant. Looking for extra storage? It comes with 1 main pocket, an internal zipper pocket, and an exterior mesh side pocket.

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