Tote Bags

At The Trini Gee, we aspire to create products that encourage black women to keep living and playing passionately. We respect your hustle, whether you’re a strong, black yogi, Beyonce’s biggest fan, or a real-life superhero. We support your blackness, your uniqueness, and your natural beauty. We want to see more ‘fro as we aim to create high-quality products that embody your glorious individuality and remind you that you’re a queen every day, including our African American tote bags.

With no shortage of styles to choose from, we want you to discover the black girl tote bags that best sing to your soul. We have tons of tote bags from this black-owned business for you to choose from, like the fan-favorite, ‘Soul Food’, the black woman surrounded by potted plants for the green-thumbed goddess in your life, and the ever-important, ‘Black Minds Matter’ tote, to name a few.

Our African American tote bags are made of 100% polyester material and will retain their shape and dry quickly if they become wet. All the totes offered at The Trini Gee are available in three different sizes, including 13x13, 16x16, and 18x18, making it easy to get the right-sized bag for your intended use and specific needs.

Ready for all seasons, our African American totes feature clean, boxed corners, cotton handles, and black lining. As always, The Trini Gee is happy to customize your order for a minimal cost. Feel free to reach out to us here if you’d like to personalize your tote.

The Trini Gee offers international shipping, plus free shipping on all orders in the States. We take pride in the solid representation of black people where they may be under-represented and the use of high-quality products to do so.