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Black Writers Tote Bag

Black Writers Tote Bag

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The Black American Fiction and Literary Writers tote bag features over 50+ authors. It's a sturdy and durable tote that's great for library hauls and your everyday life. If you're looking for a gift for writers, book lovers, or even bookish types, this is it. Now available in 3 different sizes. Please note the sizing chart for accurate measurement.

The best part about this bag is that I can customize it just for you. If you're an aspiring writer, find inspiration by adding your name to the list. If you're a reader, maybe you noticed I missed your favorite author's name--let's add it! It's made of a polyester material that will maintain its shape and dry quickly. The bag also offers black lining, boxed corners, and a second row of stitching on the black handles to make them stronger.

Take this bag to your next scholarly event, class--or wherever you may go.

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