The Trini Gee | African American Gifts

Dear black girl – this African American gift store is just for you!

The Trini Gee collection celebrates historical figures alongside black ballerinas; it is home to insightful writers and inspiring journals. Featuring Afrocentric women art, black activist gifts, and much more, The Trini Gee represents athletes, daily hobbies, and rich histories.


May Your Yoga Flow and Your Plants Grow

The plant trend has blossomed, and it is flourishing on the mugs, tote bags, pouches and pillows in our online store! It is the perfect gift for a black girl with green fingers. Explore the range of yoga-inspired Afrocentric women art – you don’t need to know the difference between your sacrum and your sternum to feel zen in your yoga sweatshirt

Gifts for Black Activists

Honour African American history with an inspiring sticker to decorate everyday essentials. The black history watchband will show the present time next to a rich timeline of icons that left their mark on America. 

Dismantle Stereotypes with Afrocentric Women Art

The Trini Gee gift store boasts a range of designs with African American gifts showcasing tennis players, golfers and runners – a duffel bag, fanny pack or 1968 Olympic print is the ideal gift for a sports enthusiast. Brighten your home with Afrocentric art on aprons and pillows so that vibrant designs and depictions of black men and women surround you whether you’re nestling down on the couch or preparing a meal.

With an eclectic range of diverse products, this African American gift store celebrates every interest and identity. The Trini Gee is breaking the status quo, and we even gave Ariel an afro and some black mermaid magic. Shop the collection now!