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From Lovie Yancey to E-40: A Look at Fat Burger

Fat Burger is a beloved fast-food chain that has served up delicious burgers and shakes since 1947. Over the years, the restaurant has garnered a loyal fan base and has expanded to over 200 locations worldwide. But even if you're a regular patron, there are still some little-known facts about Fat Burger that you might not be aware of.

1. Fat Burger was founded in 1947 by Lovie Yancey in Los Angeles, California.
Fat Burger's origin story dates back to 1947 when Lovie Yancey, an African-American woman, established the first location in Los Angeles, California. Despite facing challenges as a female entrepreneur, Yancey's innovative approach to using fresh and high-quality ingredients led to her restaurant's rapid expansion. She introduced the "build-your-own-burger" concept, which allowed customers to customize their burgers with various toppings and sauces. Today, Fat Burger has over 200 locations worldwide and is still known for its fresh, juicy burgers and customizable menu.
2. Fat Burger has appeared in several movies and TV shows.
Fat Burger has become a pop culture icon and has made numerous appearances in movies and TV shows. The franchise's signature red and yellow color scheme and classic burger offerings have become synonymous with American fast food. In "The Fast and the Furious," the main characters stop at a Fat Burger location during a high-speed chase. The chain was also featured in the HBO series "Entourage," where the character Turtle is depicted as a lover of fast food, often indulging in burgers, fries, and other classic American fareAlthough it is never explicitly stated why Fat Burger is Turtle's favorite restaurant, it is likely due to the franchise's reputation for serving fresh, high-quality burgers. 
3. Owned by E-40
 E-40, a successful rapper and entrepreneur, was a former co-owner of Fatburger. He became involved with the fast-food chain in the early 2000s, and together with a group of investors, purchased several Fatburger locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. E-40 was not only an owner but also served as a spokesperson for the brand, promoting it through his music and media appearances. Although E-40 was once an important part of the Fatburger team, he is no longer associated with the chain. The details of his departure are not widely known, but it appears that E-40 and the other investors sold their Fatburger locations and moved on to other ventures. Despite his departure, E-40's involvement in the chain helped bring Fatburger to a wider audience and contributed to its popularity in the Bay Area.

Fat Burger has a rich history and has become a beloved fast-food chain known for its fresh, juicy burgers and customizable menu. And what better way to show your love for good food than by purchasing designs that feature black women foodies on stickers and tees? These unique designs celebrate the intersection of black culture and the love of food. So the next time you're craving a delicious burger or shake, consider visiting your local joint in a The Trini Gee tee.

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