Afro Lady Tote Bag

  • $30.00

The Black Woman Tote Bag features original natural hair art by me. Perfect for the black girl or woman on the go. The afro lady shown will say black is beautiful and/or black and proud, without words. It's black art, it's a feminist bag, it's for curly hair girls, it's whatever you need it to be.

Based on an acrylic painting completed over a decade ago after my own big chop, it's special to me because it was my first ever attempt with a canvas and paintbrush. It's a strong black woman with an afro. Bring it everywhere you go. And be sure to check out the matching zipper pouches, a perfect accessory to slip inside. The bag is available in 3 sizes as shown in the image gallery. It is made of 100% polyester that will retain the bag's shape and dry quickly when wet. Those black handles have a reinforced stitch and this tote also features boxed corners. Not to mention, black interior lining.

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