Face Covers

Fashionable Women’s Face Masks

Quarantine Queens, The Trini Gee has (literally) got you covered with an awesome array of women’s face masks in all your favorite designs. The Trini Gee collection of fashionable face masks will give your little black dress some black girl magic, or elevate your ‘jeans and a nice top’ with a sartorial statement. These African American masks feature black ballerinas and superheroes, famous writers and history makers, your one-of-a-kind mask will send a message without saying a word.

Make a Statement

Masks take up a lot of real estate on your face so Trini is giving women attractive options that won’t detract from your unique, empowered look. Blow a kiss without moving your lips, honour black health care workers, or select a wrap that’s all about rap. The Trini Gee has a range of women’s face masks to suit every social distancing situation.

The Every Occasion Accessory

These neck gaiters for women are versatile accessories and can be styled for a variety of different occasions. The comfortable material works well as a scarf that will bring a pop of colour to your day-to-day attire, or wear it as an eye-catching wristband when you hit the gym or go out hiking. Make some waves when you wear it as a durag or accentuate your afro and style it as a headband.

Stand Out When You Step Out

Just because you are staying home doesn’t mean you can’t stand out with a sleek and simple or bright and bold African American mask. Face masks are the wardrobe essential of 2020, but with gorgeous designs, The Trini Gee women’s face mask collection will be a trend for years to come. Neck gaiters are functional fashion accessories that women can wash, reuse and style as they choose.

These masks are not medically approved personal protection equipment; they are fashion accessories only. Shop the collection of fashionable face masks for women at The Trini Gee now.