The Trini Gee Favs: Blankets, Tumblers, & Tees

The Trini Gee Favs: Blankets, Tumblers, & Tees

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If black people are doing it--whether it's education, careers, hobbies or wellness-- our black owned brand, The Trini Gee, tries to add proper store representations for it. With over 1,000 products included on the site, picking a favorite design is a challenge, so let's talk about our 3 favorite products instead.

The Trini Gee - Self Love Tumbler20oz Tumblers

From the start, our 20oz tumblers are Trini's absolute favorite. Prior to designing her own, she frequented a popular coffee chain and collected theirs. Not once did they have anything remotely black. Inspired by this fact, The Trini Gee's tumblers only feature images of black culture and people.

This drinkware item is guaranteed to keep any drink hot or cold for hours. Not to mention, it has an opening that's perfect for straws or even bigger gulps. The best part? The all over design is dishwasher friendly, so no need to waste time scrubbing at the sink. This is a cup built to last!

Throw Blankets

Trini loves to grab a throw blanket and pillow when she's ready to binge her favorite black movies and shows. Our plush covers are soft enough for lounging, thick enough for warmth, and light enough that you won't get overheated. Is all that possible? Yes! It's just right for comfort and cuteness too. The designs appear on a single-side, but the back remains white. This is a product that's perfect for gift giving or lazy days. 

Shirts & Tees

We wear a black owned Trini Gee shirt or tee every single day. Sometimes it's the same design in different colors because of course we have our favorites. Like the blankets, our tees are just the right weight and softness. Throw them in the wash and even the dryer and bury those worries about shrinkage. Available in just about every color, size (up to 5XL), and easily customizable upon request. Show off your interests and let these shirt designs spark your next conversation.

What's your favorite Trini Gee design or product? We love our customers and value all comments and feedback. 

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