3 Random Facts About The Trini Gee Mug Collection

3 Random Facts About The Trini Gee Mug Collection

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3 random facts, huh? Well, everybody sells t-shirts, or so I thought. So, my small business began with the bright idea that I would only sell mugs. Trying to be different, I guess. The t-shirt market was oversaturated, I heard. Your business model will never work long-term, they said. Nobody cares about that stuff you wanna sell, someone else offered.

But I took my idea for a mug business and tried anyway. These are the facts.

FACT ONE: I started out with a few black history mugs. I thought Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. DuBois, and Frederick Douglass were gonna be my money makers! I laugh now, thinking back, but we all gotta start somewhere. What I notice most about these designs is that I tried hard to work those "afrocentric" patterns and backgrounds in more than necessary. 

Frederick Douglass Mug W.E.B. DuBois Mug

FACT TWO: I didn't have my first sale until 2 months after opening. Notice the tribal pattern in the back again. I almost lost hope, but I sold 1 Kaepernick mug for barely $12. Not much profit, if you can imagine. Then, after 1 sale, I assumed I knew what people wanted and proceeded to design more bad Kaepernick mugs that nobody wanted. I'm sorry. lol

Colin Kaepernick Mug Colin Kaepernick Mug

FACT THREE: I do not own a kiln or pottery wheel, so I do not make the ceramic mugs sold in my store by hand. However, the art and designs shown are created by me or personally selected from other artists/designers. I've tested the quality. I know the quality. I enjoy the quality. I drink out of one of these mugs everyday! All mugs also print/ship from the USA--unless you live in the U.K., then I can ship from the U.K.. ;-)

To date, The Trini Gee has sold well over 5,000 mugs, but we now offer so much more. I can even customize these special gifts and products to your liking. That's why I'm excited to share my collection with you.

Hey! Before you go, please enjoy 10% off my Frederick Douglass mug with code: FDouglass10.

Frederick Douglass Mug

Frederick Douglass Mug


Do you really need another Black History mug? Frederick Douglass was an African-American social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer, leader, and statesman. Now you're considering whether he's worthy enough for your next mug purchase. Drinking your morning coffee, your evening tea,… Read More

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